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AASTRA BusinessPhone 50/250/128

BusinessPhone - The communication system for small to medium-sized businesses

BusinessPhone combined mobility solutions for your staff in the office or your team out in the field, IP Telephony, Messaging and even Contact Center solutions. You name it, and BusinessPhone has it: So that you have the option of combining one or more solutions of your choice into your BusinessPhone. And getting a tailor-made solution built precisely to your needs.

A family with many members – and many opportunities

BusinessPhone has solutions for businesses with 10 to 300 users. Here is a short introduction to the special strengths of the different members of the BusinessPhone family: BusinessPhone Compact

The easy solution for enterprises with 10 to 30 users, BusinessPhone Compact is a stylish and handy plug-and-play version housed in a small stylish cabinet with five digital telephones. BusinessPhone 50

This is the ideal solution for enterprises with up to 64 users. BusinessPhone 50 comes in the same cabinet as  the stylish compact version but includes two extra slots for additional boards. BusinessPhone 250

Perfect for enterprises with up to 200 users, BusinessPhone 250 even enables an advanced CallCenter, with the capacity for up to 40 Call Center agents. BusinessPhone 128i

BusinessPhone 128i is built to match your IP infrastructure. Supplied as a 19-inch system with the  option of accommodating up to 128 users, it can be used for IP telephony as well as classic telephony.

  • Same type of boards and telephones in  all systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business.
  • Large system capacity and attractive prices. Small to medium-sized businesses get the right amount of telephony power at the right cost. 
  • Excellent investment protection. If your business grows, you don’t have to start all over again with your telephone systems. BusinessPhone grows with you.
  • Advanced IP telephony. Even very small businesses can utilize the bandwidth in their LAN/WAN.




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